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Cold Laser Acupuncture

About two years ago, I first heard of the now so popular smoking cessation treatment called Cold Laser Acupuncture.

A customer from Boca Raton, FL, had purchased a book from me. In the Comments box of the order page, she’d written that she’d undergone the treatment, but was still smoking “a little”. She thought that my system could get her across her goal line.

I wrote back to her immediately, asking what the name of the clinic was, and how I might contact them. She replied with the information.

I did contact them, and they made me aware that there was already such a clinic that had just opened up in Las Vegas, very near to where I was living at that time.

I went there and spoke with Nancy, who together with her husband, had opened the clinic only a few months prior.

She told me that they were claiming an 86% success rate. I believed that to be remarkable. She also made me aware that, at $299 per twenty-minute treatment, they were earning several thousand dollars per day with their system.

I asked how I might get such a franchise where I was then moving, out in Pahrump, fifty or so miles west of Las Vegas. She told me that she’d help me with that, and that the company she’d purchased hers from charged $25,000.

I thought that to be worth it, if indeed it did what she said, and I could make the money back in the first few months. I prepared to buy a franchise.

When I had the money free, I went back to Nancy, only to find that the price had now jumped to $50,000. Money I could not raise quickly.

Back in Pahrump, I began telling every smoker who’d listen about Nancy’s place. Ultimately, seven people got together, went to Las Vegas, and paid the $299 for the treatment.

I got word a few days later that ALL of them were back to smoking; two the next day, the rest by the end of a week.

That doesn’t sound like 86% success to me. Does it to you?

Sure glad I didn’t spend the $50,000, plus the setup and rent. Apparently three more entrepreneurs have. I hear their ads on the radio and see them on the television frequently. There's even one here now in Pahrump.

August, 2006
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