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A Synoptic Outline of:

"How to Quit Smoking Without Willpower or Struggle"

The book contains 138 pages, divided into two sections: the "how to..." part, containing a prologue, twelve chapters, an epilogue; and the reference section--an assemblage of media references to the tobacco issue that were current when the book was written, including the entire unabridged Civil Suit Complaint of the heirs of The Marlboro Man, naming Philip Morris; etc.

The Prologue contains some information about habits, and the direction this book is intending to take the smoker.

  • Chapter One, "How Much?", deals with getting a good look at your smoking pattern. By the end of it, you will know exactly what your habit is, and what it’s likely to be, unless you make some change now.

  • Chapter Two, "Why?", explains why one begins and continues to smoke.

  • Chapter Three, "Wouldn’t You Rather Switch Than Fight?", teaches you how to reverse the product ownership identification. The second step of the "quitting process" is letting go of "your brand".

  • Chapter Four, "The Mantra", offers a little system of self-hypnosis to constantly reaffirm that you are in the process of ending your smoking.

  • Chapter Five, "The Pose", begins your conscious breaking down of the "way" you smoke. You begin to interrupt the physical pattern, the "style" in which you smoke.

  • Chapter Six, "Face the Enemy", shows you how to begin to see the cigarette as an icon for those who are earning billions at the expense of the health and deaths of millions. You begin to focus directly upon the cigarettes and those who have manipulated you into this deathly spiral just to keep milking money from you. You are still smoking every time you have the urge, but you begin to do it as seriously and privately as if you were consciously committing suicide by constantly injecting a small combination of deadly drugs into your system. You begin to fully realize that you are!

  • Chapter Seven, "Other Reasons", explains a variety of reason other than addiction to nicotine that people smoke. Although there may be more, we have identified and propound upon nine.

  • Chapter Eight, "Pick Your Shots", teaches how to confront the mindless physical reflexive smoking you do. You learn how to identify it, how to deal with it, and how to conquer it. But you are instructed never to fight it.

  • Chapter Nine, "Gotta Get That Feeling", instructs one on how to heighten one’s awareness of the true physical effects of the body's processing the nicotine and other chemicals. It explains how we learned to deny what our bodies were telling us when they were telling us we were killing them with smoke, and how to open your "inner ear" to those signals again.

  • Chapter Ten, "The Ghost of Smoker Past", explains how one can regress and modify their memories...remake differently that one critical decision, the one that "made" them a smoker.

  • Chapter Eleven, "The Ghost of Smoker Present", urges the smoker to take a clear, analytical view of their position with smoking and tobacco companies. It urges, "Wake up!" to what is going on for you as a pawn in some very rich and powerful men’s games. It also asks you to question your awareness of the example you are showing others, especially those of you with young children.

  • Chapter Twelve, "The Ghost of Smoker Future", takes the Dickensian analogy to its logical conclusion, as the smoker is urged to look into the future for themselves, and to go today to see "the future" of those who were nearly in the same shoes ten or twenty years ago, and are now living the horror of their "future", now called "the present".

The Epilogue is mostly about my experience of myself today as a non-smoker, the difficulty of doing the process while your significant other is still smoking mindlessly, and PresMark Publishing Co.’s contribution to smoking related charity.

The Resources pages contain the following titles:

  • Marlboro Man's Lawsuit Original Complaint

  • Florida's Class Action Suit Notice and Information

  • Scientists Directly Link Smoking to Cancer

  • How Tobacco Companies Buy Influence

  • Secret Documents Show Lawyers Made Decisions

  • More Evidence That Nicotine Is Addictive

  • Kids Can Easily Buy Cigarettes, Study Shows

  • Measuring Tobacco Use Among Adolescents

  • Justice To Investigate "Hidden Cigarette Ads" In Movies

August, 2006
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